Oil Air Fuel Filter 6L SYN10W40 Oil Service Kit for Bmw 523I E39 6cyl 2.5L 96-00

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Sakura Oil Filter

Oil filters prolong engine life by trapping dirt and other particles throughout your vehicle's service interval, ensuring only clean,filtered oil circulates around the motor.

  • Anti drain-back valve preventing oil draining backout of the filter through the inlet holes
  • By-pass valve ensures protection of the engine against oil starvation
  • Strong internal components such as springs and element assemblies
  • Heat tolerant seals and O-rings

Sakura Air Filter

A clean air filter improves the quality and quantity of clean air entering the engine,studies have shown that fuel economy can be improved by 14% with a clean air filter.

  • High Efficient Filtration and Lifespan
  • Reduce the Maintenance Cost
  • Variety of filtering media to suit a wide variety of conditions

Sakura Fuel Filter

Fuel filters ensure efficient removal of particulate contaminants,providing clean fuel and maximum flow performance.

  • Separate Impurities to Avoid Block Circulations
  • Separate Water to Prevent Corrosion, Freezing and Damage of Operational Media and Device
  • Antifriction Protection of Engine Movable Components and Parts Surface

Nulon Engine Oil

  • Premium choice for both high performance protection and fuel efficiency.  
  • Full synthetic formulation ensures oil stays in-spec longer.
  • Added Moly DTc provides additional protection over standard engine oil alone.
  • Enhanced protection for vehicles using E10, E85 and LPG fuels.
  • Greater temperature stability over mineral oils.
  • Keep your engine clean and prevents sludge formation.
  • Excellent low temperature, cold start performance.

NOTE: Not recommended for heavy-duty diesel engines. Refer to your vehicle service manual for correct lubricant requirements and service intervals.

For use in Australian, Japanese, US and European high performance non-turbocharged and turbocharged petrol, diesel and LPG engines that require a low viscosity engine oil. Nulon Full Synthetic 10W-40 Hi-Tech Fast Flowing Engine Oil provides excellent anti-wear protection from the moment you start the engine.

Nulon Full Synthetic 10W-40 Hi-Tech Fast Flowing Engine Oil has added Molybdenum Dithiocarbamate (Moly DTc) to give you additional peace of mind performance. Moly DTc is proven to dramatically reduce friction and provide increased engine wear protection from cold start to extreme temperatures, giving you additional benefits over standard engine oil additives alone.


Note: eBay's compatibility table is not accurate in some cases. Please refer to the following information we have provided for you.


1 x Sakura Oil Filter

1 x Sakura Air Filter

1 x Sakura Fuel Filter

1 x Nulon Full Synthetic 10W-40 Hi-Tech Fast Flowing Engine Oil (6L)

SUIT : Bmw 523I E39 6cyl 2.5L Petrol 04/1996-11/2000

Engine Code : M52B25

Service Refill Capacity: 6.5* Litres.( Includes Oil Filter )


Brand Ryco


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Oil Air Fuel Filter 10L SYNNXT10W40 Oil Service Kit for Bmw 523I E39 6cyl 2.5L