Oil Air Fuel Filter 5L PM10W30 Oil Service Kit for Subaru Outback BP9 2.5L 03-09

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Sakura Oil Filter

Oil filters prolong engine life by trapping dirt and other particles throughout your vehicle's service interval, ensuring only clean,filtered oil circulates around the motor.

  • Anti drain-back valve preventing oil draining backout of the filter through the inlet holes
  • By-pass valve ensures protection of the engine against oil starvation
  • Strong internal components such as springs and element assemblies
  • Heat tolerant seals and O-rings

Sakura Air Filter

A clean air filter improves the quality and quantity of clean air entering the engine,studies have shown that fuel economy can be improved by 14% with a clean air filter.

  • High Efficient Filtration and Lifespan
  • Reduce the Maintenance Cost
  • Variety of filtering media to suit a wide variety of conditions

Sakura Fuel Filter

Fuel filters ensure efficient removal of particulate contaminants,providing clean fuel and maximum flow performance.

  • Separate Impurities to Avoid Block Circulations
  • Separate Water to Prevent Corrosion, Freezing and Damage of Operational Media and Device
  • Antifriction Protection of Engine Movable Components and Parts Surface

Nulon Engine Oil

  • Blended for modern Australian, Japanese, US and European vehicles
  • Provides excellent engine protection for daily driving
  • Popular  viscosity that provides excellent fuel economy
  • Premium virgin mineral base oils provide superior performance and protection for everyday driving
  • Excellent thermal stability provides protection from start-up to high operating temperatures and conditions
  • Premium detergent and dispersant technology to keep engines clean and protected from sludge
  • High shear stable polymers provide optimum control of viscosity until the next oil change
  • Suitable as a running-in oil

Nulon Premium Mineral 10W-30 Fast Flowing Engine Oil provides excellent anti-wear protection for everyday driving. Formulated for multi-valve and turbocharged 4, 6 and 8 cylinder modern petrol and LPG engines, this oil will keep your engine cool, clean and protected.

For additional protection and performance use Nulon Semi Synthetic 10W-30 Hi-Tech Fast Flowing Engine Oil (Part No. HT10W30).


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1 x Sakura Oil Filter

1 x Sakura Air Filter

1 x Sakura Fuel Filter

1 x Nulon Premium Mineral 10W-30 Fast Flowing Engine Oil (5L)

SUIT : Subaru Outback BP9 4cyl 2.5L Petrol 09/2003-08/2009

Engine Code : EJ253

Service Refill Capacity: 4.0* Litres. ( Includes Oil Filter )


Brand Ryco


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Oil Air Fuel Filter 5L SEM5W30 Oil Service Kit for Subaru Outback BP9 2.5L 03-09